Dr. Andrea Manconi

Senior project scientist


Andrea Manconi is trained as an Environmental Engineer (University of Cagliari, Italy) and received the PhD in Natural Sciences from the University Potsdam, Germany in 2009. He has worked as research scientist first at the Helmholtz Centre of Geosciences GFZ Potsdam, Germany, (2005-2009) and then at the National Research Council, Italy, (2009-2015). Since August 2015 he is senior scientist and lecturer in engineering geology at the ETH Zurich, Department of Earth Sciences, and in May 2019 he joined GAMMA as a scientific collaborator. His activities include monitoring, analysis and modelling of surface deformation due to volcanic and seismic activity, as well as landslide and geo-hydrological phenomena. He holds the habilitation as professor (Privat Dozent) in Engineering Geology and Geophysics.