GAMMA Remote Sensing is a Swiss corporation (Aktiengesellschaft - AG) located in Gümligen, near Bern, Switzerland. It was founded in January 1995 by Dr. Charles Werner and Dr. Urs Wegmüller. GAMMA’s goal is to maintain a high level of technical and scientific expertise. This is a prerequisite for the development of new applications, consulting activities, for advancing and maintaining the commercial software. To achieve this objective, GAMMA has been involved in research projects since the beginning. We cooperate with partners at national and international institutions, such as space agencies, universities and private companies.



GAMMA conducts Research studies and offers professional Services in the field of microwave remote sensing. The topics include signal processing, microwave signature interpretation, algorithm and development, and modelling activities. GAMMA provides licenses for its user-friendly Software including packages for high quality SAR processing and SAR interferometry, Differential SAR Interferometry, Geocoding, Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA), and Land Application Tools. The GAMMA software is used in numerous leading research institutes. Moreover, GAMMA designs and develops advanced microwave  Instrumentation. Check our Brochure and the latest Annual Report for more details.



GAMMA's Team has extensive experience in active and passive microwave remote sensing techniques, theoretical and empirical modelling, and applications. This experience has been gained during their work at the Universities of Bern and Zurich, Switzerland, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, USA, and in the frame of GAMMA's research projects.

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