16 March, 2020 - SARS-CoV-2


Dear customers and partners


Due to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak it might be that we are not always reachable by phone during office hours. Please contact us by e-mail. If you have no contact within GAMMA yet please use our general e-mail address. We thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy!


GAMMA Remote Sensing AG



01 January, 2020 - Annual Report



The Annual Report 2019 summarizing the GAMMA activities is now available for consultation.  





01 October, 2019 - New 3-years EUROSTARS project started!


GAMMA, SATIM (www.satim.pl) and ICEYE Polska started the 3-years EUROSTARS E!113220 Project RAMON: INNOVATIVE RADAR-BASED SERVICE FOR NEAR REAL-TIME LANDSLIDES MONITORING. We design, develop and test an innovative radar-based landslides monitoring service to support different phases of the landslide risk management. The service combines existing, established elements as landslide velocity maps derived from stacks of satellite SAR data using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry with new near-real-time monitoring elements, as urgently required during crisis situations, made possible using a novel microsatellite constellation and terrestrial radars.



20 August, 2019 - UAV-borne and car-borne repeat-pass radar interferometry with our novel compact GAMMA L-band SAR


In fall 2018 and winter 2019, we have conducted synthetic aperture radar (SAR) campaigns demonstrating the feasibility of measuring surface displacements by means of UAV-borne and car-borne repeat-pass interferometry using the novel GAMMA L-band SAR system, a compact FMCW SAR system (weight: 7.65 kg) with up to 4 simultaneous receive channels and one or two (alternating) transmit channels supporting various interferometric as well as fully-polarimetric acquisition modes. The VTOL UAV used for the airborne SAR acquisitions is the Scout B1-100 developed and operated by Aeroscout GmbH. The car-borne SAR project is in collaboration with ETH Zurich, supported by Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency. Please check the documents below for more information.


1. GAMMA L-Band SAR information

2. Examples of application 


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